KEBA Imagemovie

2017 KEBA Imagemovie

Der Boden unter den Füßen Movie

Dir: Marie Kreutzer, release 2018 Cinema, Infolink

Der Trafikant Movie

Dir: Nikolaus Leytner, release 2018


Tom Hanslmaier

went on to study contemporary dance and acting in Austria. Advanced training in Berlin, Montreal, Cologne and London. He has worked with Quentin Tarantino, James Mangold with Knight & day, Andreas Prochaska with Maximilian, Sabine Derflinger with Tatort Vienna, Urs Egger with Das juengste Gericht, Holger Bartel with Soko Donau, Christian Alvert with Tatort Kiel, Nikolaus Leytner with Der Trafikant, Gustav Deutsch with Shirley-Visions of realityJork Weissmann , Peter Rigaud, Hubert Lepka  with Klangwolke 2010, Casamedia with Keba, Media Artist Klaus Obermaier, Chris Haring, Andrea Breth/Burgtheater Vienna and with my good friend Karl-Heinz Stroehle;

Working on Commercials: Adidas Eyewear, Mercedes Benz, Kawasaki, Fronius, Greisinger, Rotes Kreuz, Vöslauer, KEBA;

References: 20th Century Fox, Nordfilm, EPO FIlm, MR-Film, Satelfilm, Novotny Film, Looks Film, NGFilm; (12/2017)

Standard Interview    Nachrichten Interview


Size: 1,80m | Dress: 52 | Shoe: 45
Eyes: blue | Hair: brown
Languages: German, English
Dialects: Austrian and Bavarian
Special: Yoga, Dancing, Acrobatic, inline skating, horse riding, motorcycle riding, fencing;
Driving licence: Car, Motorcycle